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Freediving caves in Dahab.

My passion for the aquatic element has been developing for several years. In my work, there is a deep appreciation for landscapes. I strive to place humans in the face of underwater spaces. I have experience in creating both branding and purely sports-related content. I film and photograph during competitions, training sessions, diving courses, and adventurous dives.

Competition photography showing polish freediver Marcin Sobolew on his way down to 55mts CNF, Blue Hole - Dahab Open Competition 2023
Content Traveler - Kate exploring reef walls of Ras Mohamed National Park, Egypt.
Polish record holder freediver Maria Bobela photoshoot.
Jinseul Yuk, korean freediver during competition CWTB dive at Dahab Open 2023 competition.
The Lozano family playing at Blue Hole reef in Dahab, Egypt.
Jinseul Yuk, korean freediver during her breath up before the competition CWTB dive at Dahab Open 2023 competition.
Dave McGowan breathing up before a dive. Dahab Open 2023 competition.
Leopard ray.
Fran Quesada, spanish freediver after his amazing performance to 75mts CNF at Dahab Open 2023 competition.
Filip Jurika and a hawksbill turtle photoshoot.
Zahraa El Huseiny, egyptian record holder during her amazing CWT dive, Dahab Open 2023 competition.
Content Traveler - Kate, exploring walls of Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt.

Write me to get me to your project:
mobile/whatsapp: +48 577 886 552 or via my social media

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