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Hi! My name is Kate and for the last 10 years, I have been working as a social media and digital marketing manager helping brands and local businesses to grow and improve their visibility on the Internet.

Read below what I can do for you and your brand,

or read more about me, to check out if we fit together. 

How quality content can support your business?

After years of working whether with local businesses or big companies, I observe a gap between investing in quality content and making good use of it. This is why I stick to a holistic approach. My social media offer is a tailor-made strategy based on your needs. It contains goals, tools, content plan, paid campaigns, and KPIs to measure how these actions are doing their job. 


How to communicate

  • What are the goals for your visibility in social media?

  • How your competitors are doing?

  • What is interesting about your target group and how to find the perfect insight to reach it?

Based on many questions I find answers and transform them into communication strategy. 

Content Plan

What to communicate

  • Weekly or monthly schedule based on the strategy, which contains different formats (from Reels to albums and graphics), copywriting, and paid support plan. 

  • Implementing this plan so you don't have to worry no more about your SoMe pages.


How to measure the effects

  • Through monthly reports, I will analyze the data and present you with what the numbers say. To how many people you reach, which communicates are the most effective, or what your target reacts the most. 


Managing Facebook and Instagram profiles for a Polish outdoor store CRAG store. From the strategy through content creating, to managing pages and ads. Step-by-step brand awareness is growing and the community around the brand is forming.

instagram flat lay phoyography

In 2018 as a project manager I was in charge of launching a new Amway product line on European social media channels. Together with my creative team, we built up the strategy for the whole launch and implemented it through photo and video shooting to posts design and Instagram contests, as well as strategy and paid campaign completion.


Working as a digital project manager, in one of the Polish advertising agencies, I was responsible for managing social media strategy for brands such as TABASCO and Kikkoman.


About me

I had been working for 8 years in different advertising agencies as

a social media and digital project manager until I realized that creative spirit works best in a freelance manner.  For the last two years, I am

a happy soul who works independently in many different digital fields. Managing social media, writing SEO content and articles, making digital strategies, or auditing. If it goes to digital content
- I am your girl. :)

Privatly outdoor enthusiast and Gregory Packs ambassador. Freediver, nature lover, and ecologically conscious.  Well organized like a German factory but spontaneous joyful and creative at the same time.

I will be more than happy to support your business. 

Write me to get me to your project:


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