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Gregory Packs Ambassadors

Being Gregory Packs brand ambassador confirms my dedication to nature, landscapes, mountain and travel activities.
I photographed the Gregory ambassadors week in Norway. We tested new backpacks and enjoyed every moment spent in the amazing Sunnmore Alps.

Gregory Packs Ambassadors
Having a rest, looking for the hike goal up above. Products in front: Baltoro Pro pack and lighweight option - Facet.
Gregory Packs Ambassadors

For 12 years I have had the great pleasure of being responsible for the production of educational films as part of the Avalanche Courses project (Kursy Lawinowe) by PZU (PZU Group, State Insurance Company). The project run by the Snow PR agency organizes and conducts education in the field of winter safety in the mountains, primarily avalanche safety. For me it means that every winter I have several intensive shooting days in the mountains - the Polish Tatras

and the Alps. The result of cooperation with Snow PR is dozens of educational films on various aspects of movement and safety in the mountains. Kursy Lawinowe are conducted by excellent, top rescuers from the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service (TOPR).

In 2022, I participated in the creation of a basic avalanche course available online. For its needs, I have prepared short films dealing with selected issues in the area of avalanche safety. Such a course has become a helpful tool in preparing students to gain knowledge about avalanches in practice.

However, spring in the mountains also brought 3 perfect days during which I shot the film Trawers, a short story about a winter, freeriding adventure in the Polish Tatra Mountains.

Valle Elqui, Chile, hitchhiking.
Kaligandaki Valley, Annapurna Circuit, Himalayas, Nepal.
Nilgiri framed in bus window in Kaligandaki valley, Nepal, Himalayas.
Catching the ride. South Island, New Zealand.
Hitchhiking in Chile. The driver was great, the roadtrip awsome.
Amazon River, boat to Iquitos.

Different kinds of transportation. Getting a ride from place A to B is always a special kind of adventure. Whether it is

a hitchhiking trip in New Zealand or Chile, a bus ride in Nepal with distance to go of 100km that takes 8 hours

or Amazon River boat that takes 6 days but you're happy about that cause it is always good to swing gently in

a hammock.

Choqueqierao trek in Peru. Exploring Inca's ancient cities is something I recommend to all trek lovers. If you are interested in trekking Choqueqierao to Machu Picchu write me to get some tips. To get the first insight into the reality of this trek, watch the video series (above) made by me and Kate presenting successive stages of the trek through the mountains to Machu Picchu.

Trekking Cordillera Vilcabamba in Peru
Trekking Cordillera Vilcabamba in Peru

Write me to get me to your project:
mobile/whatsapp: +48 577 886 552 or via my social media

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