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My name is Kostek Strzelski and I am happy to share with you my video
and photography world. 


Throughout the years I have been working for Clients such as Red Bull, SnowPR, CRAG Store, Salomon, Jagermeister, WALK, Orlen, Mazda, PKL, Capella Cracoviensis, PWM Edition, and many more. For 12 years CEO and film producer at Deli Films production house based

in Poland, which played a huge role in improving my management and filmmaking skills. 

​Projects that I've done so far are those from "one man" productions to complicated in preproduction and with numerous people on set during a shooting day. Managing it is not easy and can be stressful but my experience allows me to go through many different challenges that occur on the way to finishing production with success both for me and my Clients.

As a film producer, production manager, and camera operator, I have been working on productions on various topics for years. From outdoor and action sports, through music, concerts, cultural festivals, documentaries, educational films, events (including competitions of various nature, corporate, livestreaming etc.) ending with complex commercial productions for both digital and television use. 

My experience is also based in sport skills. I ski very good, I climb, I dive free and scuba, and I am able to withstand harder weather conditions. I do a lot of backpacking, wild camping in freezing cold or burning hot. I use all these to be always ready for demanding film and photo productions.

Since 2020 I am Gregory Packs brand ambassador. As an experienced traveler, I am always looking for high quality equipment. Gregory Packs ensures that I wear the best packs for my different traveling and outdoor purposes. I am proud to be a part of the Gregory Family.

Check out my portfolio.


Social Media Marketing

Creating photos and videos is one thing, but it's worth knowing what you can
do with quality content. This is where the content marketing specialist comes in.
My life partner and wife, Kate who is super experienced in Digital Marketing, will make you beautifully visible online. Check out Kate's site and contact her.

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Write me to get me to your project:
mobile/whatsapp: +48 577 886 552 or via my social media

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